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There is a shipwreck between your ribs and it took eighteen years
for me to understand how to understand your kind of drowning.

There are people who cannot be held quietly. There are screams
that are never externalized. If I looked at the photo albums of your
past twenty years, all I would find are decibel meter graphs of
phone calls and the intensity of your silence as you sat
smoking cigarettes in the garage.

There is a shipwreck between your ribs. You are a box with
fragile written on it, and so many people have not handled you
with care.

And for the first time, I understand that I will never know
how to apologize for being
one of them.

- Shinji Moon, What It Took To Understand (via cactuslungs)
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Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except your self. - Buddha (via thecalminside)
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I know that when you come back tonight to lay next to me, you’ll be even more distant than you were before. This is how we separate, this is how we finish cemented the walls you’ve been too blind to notice I’ve been constructing. You’re going to lose me before you even realize that I’m gone. - Thought Catalog, This is How You Lose Me (via durianquotes)
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Anonymous: When was the last time you got or gave love bites (:

hickies are my favorite thing but i haven’t given or recieved any since like, april or something.

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