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The demand to be loved is the greatest of all arrogant presumptions. - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Anonymous: Perhaps we can be friends and gush over various succulents and cacti, I mean I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to them. (I also named all of my succulent babies)

you are an amazing human being and i need to be your friend as soon as possible?? we should be super close pals. i promise, i’m pretty damn nice.

but yeah man, i dig that. you keep doing you, mate.

Anonymous: I would tell you who I am but I am actually majorly lame and my blog sucks so :/ You're still succulent royalty though

(succulent royalty is my favorite thing, jesus) i doubt you’re lame, but even if that is the case, you’d come to realize that i’m just as big of a dweeb. but hey man, it’s up to you! i just hope i’ll get to hear from your neat self again.

Anonymous: You're simply an amazing person. I'm proud of you. keep going.

i’m sure you’re amazing, as well.

but, thank you so much, this is rather kind.

Anonymous: You are super adorable and I love that you reblog succulents because they are my favorite and I have a whole bunch of them at home in different pots and terrariums and you are just so rad ok


but aw gosh, thank you!! that’s so righteous.

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